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Working on a fashion story at the moment, inspired by my favorite painter Edward Munch.
Im meeting with a stylist tomorrow, its exiting times:)

I like flowers

me today.


Crocodile Rock

Im cleaning the flat and listening to this good'ol tune..
Ahh doesn't he look great, now that's fashion!:D

I have been productive this winter, and Im posing like a true blogzter..:D

I have learned how to knit and do crochet this winter, love it!!
The necklace is also homemade, inspired by designer Marlene Birger.
Im wearing my new Acne dress from www.freudiankicks.no


My very talented (and sweety-pie) artist-friend Veera:

I tasted sour milk I-II 2008
By: Veera Säilä

“If being crazy means living life as if it matters, then I don’t mind being completely insane."

Untitled part of the series Half There, 2009 (series in progress)
By me: www.stinepettersen.com

Go see Revolutionary Road now!
And read "Veronika Decides to Die" By Paulo Coelho!

My talented artist-friend Anja:


Revolutionary Road

Got the (almost) all clear from my doctor today, so now I am going out for the first time in a week!! Im looking forwards to have a life outside my apartment again:D Me and Thomas are going to "Ringen Kino" a new cinema just down the road from where we live, handy! The movie is Revolutionary Road, directed by Samuel Alexander Mendes (his debut film was American Beauty.)

I live with Thomas♥, he is great and im happy he puts up with my decorating;D

dinner today: vegetable soup

Vegetable soup is one of my favorite dishes:)
spring onions, regular onions, potatoes, carrotts, vegetable stock, ruccola salad, creme fraiche and parmesan on top..with garlic bread..


welcome to my blog!

Hello everyone! My first blog, exiting..a little later than the rest of the world but hey;)