Wedding inspiration

Ph: Can't remember where I found the picture of the cakes, if anyone recognizes it please do let me know. Shoes from here.

Our wedding party is closing inn..I like the thought of having multiple wedding cakes like the ones on the picture above,
love that every cake has the little bride and groom figure on:) And I am looking for shoes for the evening dress...any hot tip?
(The dress is a white lace 50's-style dress.)


What a day..

Wow...having a one-year-old is quite a job! Crazy development going on, and she is active both day and night these days...
So when she finally sleeps during the day I hurry to the sofa for a tiny little break, just having a cup of tea is heaven..;P


This months textile designer!!

I was recently voted this weeks designer over at the great blog Frk.Fjong,
and now you can all vote for who you would like to become this months designer!
Im one of the contestants with my brand violaSometimes. Ready, Get Set : Vote!! :D

Thats what I call a find!!

Yesterdays crazy flea-market bargain: Swedish Hasbeens for 40kr (€5)!!
I could not believe my eyes, and in my size also...to good to be true!!


Nytt stœsj

Sometimes all you need is a new ring and a bracelet;)
Today we went to a flea-market, will show you our finds tomorrow!
Hope you are enjoying your weekend♥


Step by step

Today Olivia learned to walk!!:D Hip hip hooray!
She has taken some steps here and there over the past few weeks,
but today she walked! Such a special moment♥


Olivia's kitchen

Next to our stove is Olivia's little stove, which she got for her birthday.
I had one just like it when I was little so it's very nostalgic.
These mini pot-holders will be in my store soon, in many different colors:)



4 new teeth,7 new steps and 10 days without Mr.T, but now we are back!
Olivia and I have been at my parents for some days because Mr.T has been on a work-trip to USA.
But now we are home again, and we cant wait for Pappsen to come home too!
Hope you all have had some nice days, now im looking forwards to check out your great blogs again!:) xx


*So long*

Pictures from my shop.
We are going away this week, so there will be silent on the blog a while.
So long, enjoy your week!



Rolls with ham and cheese, a favorite of mine:) What is your favorite thing to bake?



Have a great Friday! eplemost+ostepopp=♥
What happened with blogger today btw?? My last post was deleted..!


Ukens Designer!

Frk.Fjong has a presentation of a new designer each Thursday, and today I can prowdly say that I have been voted this weeks designer!
I am very exited about this news, It makes me so happy when someone appreciates what I make:) Thank you Frk.Fjong!
And also a big-big thank you all for such encouraging and warm comments regarding my new store!



A walk in the park

We spent the day in the park today, Olivia loves to walk around with her little wagon♥.
Hope you all had a nice weekend:) Thank you all for the sweet birthday-wishes for Olivia btw!


*Mer bursdag*

Olivia invited her friends over for a party nr.2:)
Sorry for being so bad at blogging lately, it's caused by the incredible weather we have had here;P