Bergen + Qlalakrisn = ♥

From the series " home alone" 2009

Visiting my best friend Marit in Bergen this weekend, happy happy birthday min skatt!!
Have a good weekend everyone, c u next week (which is going to be a really productive one!!) Vi ses! x



Ahhh jeg er så utroooolig lei av den fele-gramprii-teite-sangen, er det mulig å spille noe annet på radioen el?


Monday blues

Thomas and I went location hunting this weekend, really nice weather, welcome spring!!:D

Today has not been a very productive day, been in front of the computer almost all day but haven't really done very much productive there either..Some days are like that I guess..;)
Did some retouching on a series (which has no name yet) for an exhibition Im applying to take part in this summer, sent some e-mails, talked to some much missed girlfriends on the phone, made salmon and had Anja over for tea and evening-food (how do u translate kveldsmat??)

Back on track

Had a really nice time in Finland:) Finnish beer, nice ppl (so nice to see u again Maria:), good food, fleemarkeds etc.
Btw check out the sweedish magazine Bon (picture above), some nice photography!


Gla Påsk!

Have a good Easter vacation everyone!!
Im drinking beer in the sun, yezzz:D

Natt&Dag smuglesning

Photo: www.oslonights.no

Last week we went to Natt&Dag (norwegian magazine) release party, and me and Anette ended up in www.oslonights.no..:D



I like these pictures from Topshop spring campaign. (can't find who the photographer is??anyone?)

I have had my friend Uzma over from Sweeden this weekend, it has been so nice! She is a sweetheart!
By the way I might have a job for Elle Norway coming up:)
And Im meeting with Natt og Dag tuesday to talk about future jobs for them:)
It's exiting, and now it's easter soon and Finland vacation, and the sun is shiniiiing!!!


Found this picture at www.gademode.dk, and it is the most scary thing: she looks so much like me!!!!!!!


Thomas has updated his portfolio:D

Check out www.onionmag.no/blogg (great blogg,
and today Thomas is featured there:)
Go to : www.thomasekstrom.com and enjoy!