The season for flea-markets has started, I looove going hunting for treasures!!
This time we found a Luxo lamp, a doll for Olivia, a big basket and a small basket(the orange one in the last picture) for her toys.
Any hot tips on flea-markets coming up in Oslo?


Sun+cold=no blog

Hi! Had a little blog break there, a mix of very nice weather and a little sickness in the house made me a little less keen on blogging;P
And the opening of the new shop has not yet happened, ohlala now I have to get things done, I'll say!! Hope you're all doing fine:*


God morgen!

Good morning, I wish you all a nice day:)


Almost there!

New items for my new shop! Almost ready to be launched now;P
Will open the store during this week!Hurray:)


*Pre Easter Weekend*

Pictures from our trip to Horten this weekend, the weather was smashing, it really felt like an Easter vacation:)
I love spring, everything comes to life again!



Just a quick hello, we have been away over the weekend to sunny Horten♥.
I will be back to answer comments shortly, but for now a picture of my wedding shoes and a gold treasure;)
Now: out to catch some more of that lovely SUN:)Have a nice day!


♥thank you♥

I had such a bad day today, lots of worries about work and stuff and suddenly:
Voila!!: Two beautiful surprise gifts from two beautiful blogger-girls!!
Thank you so much girls, you really made my day!!! I got beautiful fabric
and tea from sweet sweet Anna in Spain and beautiful paper from lovely Bjørke from Holland.
Im lost for words, what a super nice thing to do, Thank you♥



Olivia's favorite thing to do is to stand in our bed by the window and chew on my shoes!
She might have inherited her mothers passion for shoes...well, not the chewing part..;P


New times..


Im slowly getting back to work mood, have so many ideas and things I want to do when Im going back to work.
But I have been away from it all so long, it's kind of scary to start up again..
Just thinking about leaving Olivia in kindergarten with strangers..
Me thinking about other things than baby again..
A little scary and strange now, but also very healthy for both her and me offcourse!


•Wedding Party Inspiration•

Photos from: lillymaria, J.Crew,Pretty Chic Blog

As you may know Mr.T and I got married in November (if you are a new reader you can find some photos from the day here).
This Summer we are having a Wedding Party. We are planning the party now, and I have found so much inspiration on net!
We are really looking forwards to this day, and figuring out how we want it to be is great fun!
(Well I have to admit It might be that I find it a tad more fun than Mr.T, hehe! But yesterday he came up with a great idea too
so he must find it a little bit fun at least;P) If you know any nice wedding-blogs, please let me know:)



Olivia and papps'n playing♥
Have a great weekend all my super, creative and inspiring readers, thank you for reading and commenting on my blog:)



I♥rings. An easy way to spice up an outfit.


•Hair and ear•

Accessories for hair and ear;)

la casita

Very nice shop: lacasita.bigcartel.com
Thank you all for your lovely and kind comments on my posts, I appreciate them so much!!


Some pictures from the day Olivia was born♥
Happy International Women's Day!


•Our Kitchen•

Im entering NIB's competition this month with pictures of our kitchen:)


Anette Askvik

Artwork: Anja & me

My good friend and very talented singer/songwriter Anette Askvik releases her debut album "Liberty" today!!
Release party at Månefisken in Oslo today at 8pm.
Me and Anja have collaborated on the artwork for her CD cover:)


I have made cards for the new store, jihii:D (adress to the blogg+store on the backside of the card.)


Frk.Fjong give away!

My good friend Frk.Fjong has a great giveaway on her blog where you can win one of these (and more) lovely prints from Going Danish!
She has started this new thing where she introduces a new designer every week, and first out is the designer behind Going Danish.
I think it's a great idea, and I can't wait to see who the next designer is:)


The weather is getting warmer, very happy for that!!
But with all the snow and ice falling down from the roofs, I find it a bit scary to walk around with the trolley..
(we live in the middle of the city, rooftops allover..)So we are staying in today, watching VM and baking.
Nothing to complain about in other words:) Have a nice day all you sweet ppl out there!
Today's outfit is inspired by this lovely lady!