Olivia is 3 months already(she smiles a lot,just not in these photos hehe;P)
She has even started to laugh a little, and my heart just melts every time!!
Im turning into a cliche...
but what the heck;
she really is the best thing that has happened, and Im so in love!♥



We have spent some really nice days in Horten at my parents house♥



1: Basket from Sally Ann
2: Knitted socks/slippers from Vestkanttorget
3: Lamp (found by Mr.T) from a flea-market

•rainy day•

Lots of rain these days, where did the sun go?


•Latest projects•

Im still alive!;P
New crochet projects: a BIG blanket and a toy for Olivia♥
Hope you are all having a great summer!