Penny's wall

Just a quick hello, more pictures of Penny's lovely flat comes tomorrow! xx


Månedens designer!

Thank you so much for your lovely comments, I had a great trip to Bergen!!
And also thank you for your votes on This Months Tekstile Designer at Frk.Fjong, I won!!:D
Have a great Sunday evening all!



Granny-Grey to Sweden!

It makes me so happy to see that you like what I make!!:)
I'm off to Bergen today, I'm going to a Roxette concert tonight!!
My friend Penny and I used to LOVE them when we were younger, so this will be a super fun and nostalgic experience!
I'm leaving husband and daughter in Oslo for 2 days, can't wait for a good old Penny/Stacy time!!!
(Btw Penny and Stacy are the names which we called ourselves back in the day;P)
Bon Voyage, mum has now left the building!


ViolaSometimes to Switzerland!

Today I sent a garland from the shop all the way to Switzerland, thank you for buying:)


*Kitchen details*

Today it's raining. It suits me well since the apartment needs a good cleaning.
Have a nice Monday all!


Lovely days in the park:)


June 1st = first summer day!

It has been such a beautiful day today, finally the sun paid us a visit again:)
And today I had my first photo-shoot in a very very long time, thank you Karoline&Helene for a wonderful day!!:)