Thassos 2011

Im the worst blogger at the moment, but I will be back I promise..
It's just no fun sitting in front of the computer when It's summer outside;P
This picture is from our vacation at Thassos a week ago. Thank you for your sweet comments,
It's so good to hear from you! xxx


It's been a long time!

Ph: Klara
Wow, I haven't blogged in a month!! It's been so much going on so I just had no time and I also needed a break from blogglandia,
you know how it is;) Hope you all are well and enjoying the summer!
These pictures are from our wedding party, thank you sweet, extremly talented and wonderful Klara for doing the night-shift;D
I will post more pictures from the party later. It was a magical day! Thank you everyone who came for making our day so special!
We have also been to Greece, will post some pictures from that soon also. Now I'm heading out for work, see you tomorrow!
Have a lovely weekend:*