•New arrivals•

A pot from my grandmother and a salt/pepper grinder from Penny (the fabulous grinder was a wedding gift, l.o.v.e it!)


Melissa Horn

I dreamed that Mr.T was in love with someone else last night...when I woke up I cried.
Oh..the LOVE♥



1.Olivia pretending to be a carrot.
2.Our dinner today: vegetable soup.
Enjoy your Saturday, and oh I love your comments: Thank you♥


Homemade inspiration

ph: www.pickles.no
These homemade mug warmers from pickles are so cute!



Thank you!

Thank you so much for all your birthday wishes when I turned 30 on Friday, made me really happy!!:)
Hope you had a nice weekend! Mr.T and I had our first weekend together alone in 1 1/2 years...;)



Today Im 30 years old!!
No longer member of the "twentysomething" gang...Ohlala...
My darling Penny is visiting, and she made me homemade marzipan (marzipan is my favorite candy!
Olivia & Mr.T woke me up with flowers,cake and cuddles♥. I feel super lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people in my life!
Happy weekend all!


*Happy Home*

Photographs via lovely Kerry, originally from thedesignfiles.net.
I just fell in love with this home and had to share it with you;)
More photographs of the colorful home here.


Til Anja :28-31

Da jeg var gravid var jeg veldig hengt opp i hvilken uke jeg var i, og hver uke var en uke mindre mot den store dagen ..
Det var kjempe spennende! Og jeg var veldig interessert i andre gravide, opplevde de de samme følelsene jeg gikk gjennom?
Var mitt svangerskap normalt? Så min mage annerledes ut enn andres? Var jeg større ... eller mindre enn andre ..
Så: til min gode og veldig søte gravide venn Anja: Dette er meg da jeg var i de samme ukene som du er i nå:)
Jeg føler smerten din, gleden din, begeistringen din og angsten din! Du kommer til å bli verdens beste mamms:)
Og jeg gleder meg sånn til å bli "tante" i november!!

When i was pregnant I remember I was very hung up in which week I was in, each week was one less week towards the big happening..It was exiting!
And I was very interested in other pregnant ladies, did they experience the same feelings I went through? Was my pregnancy normal?
Did my belly look different to others? Was I bigger...or smaller than others..So: to my sweet pregnant friend Anja: this is me when I was in the same weeks as you are in now;)
I feel your pain, your joy, your excitement and your anxiety. You are going to be the worlds best mom! And I cant wait to be a "aunt" in November!!



I dag har jeg vœrt i møte med dyktige, kreative og ikke minst super hyggelige Ingvild.
Ingvild er journalist og driver den fine bloggen www.ingvildtelle.com.
Vi skal jobbe sammen fremover og jeg gleder meg kjempe masse til å få våre ideer opp og ut!!
Inspirasjonen blomstrer og livet er godt, god mandag kjœre lesere!

I met up with journalist Ingvild today, not only is she talented and creative but oh so sweet also!
Ingvild is behind the great blog www.ingvildtelle.com.
We are going to work together on some projects starting this fall and Im super exited!! Have a great manday all:)



Da er høsten her og inspirasjonen kommer snikende tilbake:)
Håper dere har hatt en flott sommer og tusen hjertelig takk for alle koselige kommentarer!
Min hverdag er snudd på hode, fra permisjonslivet til jobb-barnehage-studier, det er utrolig deilig,
det er godt å få brukt seg selv litt også på andre plan igjen;)
Gleder meg til å begynne med nye hekleprosjekter, nye fotoprosjekter, nye studier og til å blogge litt igjen:)

Autumn is here and I feel inspired again:)
Hope you all had a great summer and thank you for all your friendly comments!
My life has been turned around after the summer, from maternity leave to work-kindergarten-school, it's great to be back!
I can't wait to begin new crochet projects, new photography projects, new studies and also to get back into blogging again:)


Thassos 2011

Im the worst blogger at the moment, but I will be back I promise..
It's just no fun sitting in front of the computer when It's summer outside;P
This picture is from our vacation at Thassos a week ago. Thank you for your sweet comments,
It's so good to hear from you! xxx


It's been a long time!

Ph: Klara
Wow, I haven't blogged in a month!! It's been so much going on so I just had no time and I also needed a break from blogglandia,
you know how it is;) Hope you all are well and enjoying the summer!
These pictures are from our wedding party, thank you sweet, extremly talented and wonderful Klara for doing the night-shift;D
I will post more pictures from the party later. It was a magical day! Thank you everyone who came for making our day so special!
We have also been to Greece, will post some pictures from that soon also. Now I'm heading out for work, see you tomorrow!
Have a lovely weekend:*


Penny's wall

Just a quick hello, more pictures of Penny's lovely flat comes tomorrow! xx


Månedens designer!

Thank you so much for your lovely comments, I had a great trip to Bergen!!
And also thank you for your votes on This Months Tekstile Designer at Frk.Fjong, I won!!:D
Have a great Sunday evening all!



Granny-Grey to Sweden!

It makes me so happy to see that you like what I make!!:)
I'm off to Bergen today, I'm going to a Roxette concert tonight!!
My friend Penny and I used to LOVE them when we were younger, so this will be a super fun and nostalgic experience!
I'm leaving husband and daughter in Oslo for 2 days, can't wait for a good old Penny/Stacy time!!!
(Btw Penny and Stacy are the names which we called ourselves back in the day;P)
Bon Voyage, mum has now left the building!


ViolaSometimes to Switzerland!

Today I sent a garland from the shop all the way to Switzerland, thank you for buying:)


*Kitchen details*

Today it's raining. It suits me well since the apartment needs a good cleaning.
Have a nice Monday all!


Lovely days in the park:)


June 1st = first summer day!

It has been such a beautiful day today, finally the sun paid us a visit again:)
And today I had my first photo-shoot in a very very long time, thank you Karoline&Helene for a wonderful day!!:)