Sleep to 11.30, eat bacon and egg, go for a walk in the sun♡(or wet winter crappy weather..hehe!)I like Sunday's:)



I discovered a new artist today: Anna Claren, she has published a book called Holding and Ohhh my god I love it!!!♡♡♡


Ph: Ida Borg

I've bought a brand new sketchbook♡now I have some work to do!
Im working on a series towards Høstutstillingen and Foam talent call.


(Desperate) Housewife

A tiny little homemade dress and "kanelsnurrer" Have a nice Friday*



I long for spring, tired of wearing woolen-tights:(



31 weeks

Im sooo tired today, the baby has kept me awake all night..she is quite strong now, and she does not like to sleep when I want to sleep..My stomach aches and I can barely walk because of pain in my pelvis:( Buuuut It's all worth it in the end right;) Have a nice day everyone, mine will be spent watching desperate housewives in bed with tea and chocolate;P



I got a wonderful present from my friend Marit (alias Penny;) in my mailbox today, oh joy!!!
It's so special receiving a package in the mail, and it's not even my birthday! You made my day Penny, I promise to make the best muffins ever when you come to visit in March!♡



Obviously the big baby-blog day this is..:P

Time goes slow..

We are getting ready for Olivia, small clothes everywhere and the trolley is in house;)
It's 2 months left, I can't wait;)



From a market, perfect pregnant-top;)

any suggestions?

I want to spray-paint this lamp, but which colour? Red, orange, yellow? Any suggestions?


Go Anja!!!!


Anja er nominert til kulturdepartementets pris for best illustrerte barne og ungdomsbok!!! Anja du er best!!

magazines,shoes'n books

Im heading out for lunch with my sister, have a great Thursday!



Thrift-store and flee-market founds, home made blanket, green cushion made by anja and yarn from Nille;D


This red box I found at at marked in Maidstone (a town in UK where I lived for 3 years during studies), it was love at first sight♡. Have a great day!


30 weeks

30 weeeks today, 10 to go;)

Anja Dahle♡

Check out Anja's blog: www.anjadahle.blogspot.com
I love her work! She works mostly with drawing, painting and collages.


cup of tea & ninja-kicks

Some cups bought at a market and boxes with tea.
Im really tired today, all I have done is watched Desperate Housewives episodes and eat..and crocheting, and blog in between;) I can really feel the difference now that Im in third trimester, Im more tired and Olivia has even started to keep me up at night with her ninja-kicks, looking forwards to April!!:)

post valentine

Yesterday was bussy, the course at the hospital was 6 hours long!
Mr T had to face his fear regarding watching birth-videos, hehe! And we learned about birth in general. There were many other couples, all in sweatpants and fleece..I felt a tad over-dressed with my red nails and lipstick;P
Mr. T bought me flowers:)


Happy valentinesday & mothersday!

ph: Gemma Booth

We are heading to the hospital for a birth-course, this will be interesting...**I'll tell you how it went later;P



See you Saturday!

Ph: www.agneskarin.se

Im going away for some days, have a great Thursday/Friday:)


Result of shopping-spree

I know what I'll be doing this weekend;)


29 weeks

Offisielt høygravid ifølge internettet..:O