Olivia is looking forwards to not only talk the talk but also walk the walk:)



The hat I made for Olivia is now to small:( to small and too high..I wonder what kind of head i thought Olivia had..since I made a mini Marge Simpson hat;P


something cooking!

I have something very exiting going on (or at least very exiting to me;)and I will share it with you as soon as it's ready to be shared! Thank you for the teeth-comments btw, I think she might just be an early bloomer!



Edward Hopper, I love his paintings!



Today we play,cuddle and sleep. We have not yet recovered 100%, but getting there:) Thank you for your get well comments:*
Olivia seems to be in good shape still:)
But Im wondering if there might be some teeth coming soon...
is it possible to get them so early? 4 months?


Sykdom i heimen:(

Mr.T and me have been invaded with the flu:( Luckily Olivia is well, hope it stays that way..she has not yet been sick so that would be a new (and a little scary) experience:(
In case she gets sick..any advice from all you great parents out there?



Foxy body & fancy dress

We got so many nice presents for Olivia on her "Navnfest", this super cute body we got from Maria and the dress is from Jan.


Dress from the magic store: Indiska, Vasa, Finland.
(It's magic because I always manage to find super-nice dresses on sale there every time I visit each summer:)


Ingvild Telle♥

ph: www.ingvildtelle.com

Kjœre Ingvild: du er søtere enn søtest!!
Today Ingvild from the blog Ingvild Telle has made a really kind and flattering post about me on her blog, I was very moved and felt very honored when I read it!:) Thank you Ingvild, you are so sweet!! You should all pay her super-nice blog a visit, she is really inspiring!


100 followers today, yay:)
I celebrate with my mom's old dress and a cup of tea in my favorite cup:D
Have a great day everyone out there, thank you for your sweet comments!♥



I have a soft spot for cushions! The blue and orange is from Marimekko, I bought it on sale when we were in Finland:)



We are leaving for Finland soon.
Olivia is looking forwards to seeing her fammo og faffa again and all her Finnish family she has not yet met♥
Bon voyage!
PS: My lens is destroyed, therefore the blurry picture;(