Merry Christmas!

We are off to visit Santa in Finland, have a merry Christmas everyone out there:)


Christmas baking:)



Olivia has started to sleep more during daytime again (hurray for her and hurray for me;P)
which means I can actually get some work done now and then:)

•Christmas tree•

Our little Christmas tree from Home and Cottage and decorations from Hay. One week to Christmas day! Olivia is very
exited and wonders what Santa has got in store for her on her first Christmas;P



Today's outfit.
The lovely homemade socks are from Mr.T's Fammo (grandmother) in Finland:)


Frk. Fjong giveaway!

My friend Anne Therese has a giveaway on her sweet blog, go go go!!;P


Donna Wilson giveaway!

I love Donna Wilson's design, and now she has a giveaway on her blog!
It is a £100 gift voucher from her shop! Go go gooo!



Photo: Thomas
My mum has made a hat for Olivia, a very nice little green hat:)


Sold out!

The shop is actually going well, Im so pleased!!:)
Im sold out for elephants for the moment but new ones are already in production!



Hello! I have been very busy lately, so I have neglected the blog a little:(
Olivia has gotten two teeth (involved a week of no sleep and a lot of crying;P) and another thing...but I will tell you that at a later point;) The picture is from Brinja who has a very very nice blog and shop, she asked me if I wanted to participate in her "what I wore this week" post, and so I did:)


Grattis Papps!

Happy fathers-day Mr.T/VerdensBestePapps:) We♥U!


•Happy snapp•

Portrait, oh how happy I was here;P


And the winner is........

Congratulations Janne (www.bloggugla.blogspot.com)you are the winner of the elephant:)
And congratulations Ashley (http://strawberrybisous.blogspot.com/)you won the ball:)
Please send me your details on stine@stinepettersen.com, and the elephant and ball will be sent tomorrow:)


At Penny's♥

Pictures from my bestfriend Penny's home, she has always been a big inspiration of mine!!
Penny: I ♥ U (and miss you!)



Owels, one bought (ferm living) and another made (left). Have a great saturday*


♥5 years♥

Mr.T and I have been together for 5 years today:)
I feel very grateful to have such a great boyfriend♥.



New flower cushion made from a lovely vintage fabric I got from a friend, It used to belong to her grandmother:)The owl cushion is from søstrene Grenes.



Great response on the give away!!:D So nice to hear you like what I have made:)
The winner will be announced the 10'th of November!


violaSometimes Give away!! (is now finished)

The rules are:
1 Ticket- Make a comment under this post
2 Tickets- become a follower (or already be one)
3 Tickets- make a link to my blog on your blog or on facebook

The two lucky winners will receive either a elephant or a ball from violaSometimes store! Let me know in your comment which item you want to place your tickets on!
Good luck:D


violaSometimes store now open!!

Go to http://epla.no/shops/violasometimesbutikk/ and check it out:D

siesta chairs

We got these siesta chairs from my mum and dad today, we used to have them in my childhood house
so they bring back a lot of memories. Now they live here with us:)


2 favorites

This is 5 months ago...so much has happened in these months!
I remember back how I watched her sleep and checked every 10 minutes if she was breathing..
had no idea why she cried or what to do if she did, we were so terrified of doing something wrong..
Now she is 6 months old, laughs, "talks", loves Leonard Cohen and avocado..
It is so exiting getting to know her, she is the cutest, happiest,
most stubborn, most funny little girl I know♥.
Thank you for all your sweet comments,
Im sorry that I have been so bad at commenting back..
It has been some blog free days/weeks now, but now Im back on track;P


6 months!

Olivia is 6 months today, we dress up for the occasion:)


All play no work;P

I made a blanket for Olivia to play on, fun project:)
Ps: All play and no work is not the right term now btw,it's more the other way around->
Olivia does not want to sleep much these days..Any great advice on how to get a 6months old baby to sleep longer at night(and day)??



Hi from stress-ville!
This little sweetie will be for sale in violasometimes-shop,very very soon!;P
This week has been texas, so the opening of the shop is a little behind
but Im getting there;P



I love windy and rainy Autumn-days when you just stay indoors, baking and making;)


Lille hvitløk!

Ph: Lille hvitløk

Sjekk ut denne fine bloggen med sunne og spennende oppskrifter!
Inspirasjon på matfronten:)