på ønskelista..

I have shopping cravings...I would love this dress from Urban outfitters and the jumpsuit+bag from Topshop.



In lack of things to blog about: this is me wearing my favorite orange ring;P



Summer baby-blanket in cotton and graphic cushion, yez permisjon er tingen;P



Visit from Finland

Mr.T's parents are visiting from Finland this weekend, Olivia met her "Fammo og Faffa" for the first time♡love at first sight;)


17 mai

Hipp hipp hurra, Olivias first 17'th of May celebration!
She slept through the whole thing;)
I managed to squeeze into my bunad (National dress) with the help of some much needed safety-pins..;P


Grattis Mr.T-dad♡♡

Mr.T is 27 years today, happy birthday , you are the best!!:)
Puss fra jentene dine♡


pupp og håndarbeid

Dad Mr.T has gone back to work today, so mum is now home alone with Olivia the baby for the first time....!
Everything has gotten much better since the last time I blogged, she sleeps better at night and we are slowly getting to know her better each day.
Olivia's main activity is eating and sleeping, she also likes to poop on her father while he changes her nappy (hehe!)
New pillowcase in the making, nice to dare to take my eyes of her long enough to actually engage in another activity;P



I have never appreciated sleep more than now...
We did not get any sleep last night, I gave Olivia milk on and off all night long..and mr.T changed diapers.
Can anyone please tell me that this is just a period and that it will be better in just a little while...?! zzz...


Thank you all for your sweet comments!!:) We are for the moment adjusting to our new life as a family of three, and it's pretty great♡
I will not be blogging that frequently now naturally, but I will be back;)