Hello! I have been very busy lately, so I have neglected the blog a little:(
Olivia has gotten two teeth (involved a week of no sleep and a lot of crying;P) and another thing...but I will tell you that at a later point;) The picture is from Brinja who has a very very nice blog and shop, she asked me if I wanted to participate in her "what I wore this week" post, and so I did:)


Grattis Papps!

Happy fathers-day Mr.T/VerdensBestePapps:) We♥U!


•Happy snapp•

Portrait, oh how happy I was here;P


And the winner is........

Congratulations Janne (www.bloggugla.blogspot.com)you are the winner of the elephant:)
And congratulations Ashley (http://strawberrybisous.blogspot.com/)you won the ball:)
Please send me your details on stine@stinepettersen.com, and the elephant and ball will be sent tomorrow:)


At Penny's♥

Pictures from my bestfriend Penny's home, she has always been a big inspiration of mine!!
Penny: I ♥ U (and miss you!)



Owels, one bought (ferm living) and another made (left). Have a great saturday*


♥5 years♥

Mr.T and I have been together for 5 years today:)
I feel very grateful to have such a great boyfriend♥.



New flower cushion made from a lovely vintage fabric I got from a friend, It used to belong to her grandmother:)The owl cushion is from søstrene Grenes.



Great response on the give away!!:D So nice to hear you like what I have made:)
The winner will be announced the 10'th of November!


violaSometimes Give away!! (is now finished)

The rules are:
1 Ticket- Make a comment under this post
2 Tickets- become a follower (or already be one)
3 Tickets- make a link to my blog on your blog or on facebook

The two lucky winners will receive either a elephant or a ball from violaSometimes store! Let me know in your comment which item you want to place your tickets on!
Good luck:D