Thank you all for your kind words and helping suggestions on my last post,
it really helps to hear others that have gone through the same thing:)
The sleeping situation has changed dramatically over the last days, Olivia started to crawl and after this she has been
in a brilliant mood and slept very very well:D Good for her, for us and for the neighbors;P



ph: Thomas

This past week has been really hard, I have had no extra energy
..so therefore no blog.
It has been a lot tougher than expected to move Olivia into her own room
and no milk during the night! It went so well at first but then suddenly
she didn't want to sleep at all and she cried like she was possessed or
something! I cried too...all week it feels..aiaiai it felt so hopeless!!
But I think its getting better, she slept alot better tonight
(I wore earplugs and Mr.T did an excellent job calming her down)
All you wonderful people out there, do you have any helping suggestions
to share on the subject matter?
How did you get your child to sleep a night trough?



Photo: from my days at art college;P

I have to rephrase what I wrote in the last post: she did not sleep through the night-she slept the night in her own room, not ours.
She has been sleeping in our room until yesterday.
She woke up a couple of times, cried but then luckily fell asleep again!
I feel the need to write this so that you don't think we are this supernatural family, and that everything is perfect..
Because it's really not:P We have our battles we as other people, and Olivia often does not want to sleep, eat, bathe etc just like other babies.
And our apartment is for the moment filled with unfolded clothes, dishes, toys everywhere and dust in every corner.
And Im wearing old outworn tights,a big not very flattering sweater and my hair is greasy.
There, that's reality.
Thumbs up for being human:D

"Ein bißchen Frieden"

Olivia has now slept the night through in her own bedroom for the first time!
I was afraid that I would not be able to sleep, but the opposite happened!
We all slept very very well:D Hope it will continue this way!


Olivia+sleep=tea and crochet

Olivia is finally getting into a routine now, and she sleeps well during daytime too(everyday is not the same though..;P)



Olivia and me on Iceland:)



We got a wonderful gift from Mr.T's parents: a gift card at Marimekko:):) So we went bananas( I went bananas..hehe)
and bought the bowl and mug from the last post and this cushion+ other things I will post later.
The magazine from the very talented Hjartesmil i got from a friend of mine.

From Finland with love*



*8 months*

Our little baby is getting big! Almost can't believe she is 8 months already!
I've said it before but I'll have to say it again: Time flies!!
A million thank you for your sweet comments on our marriage, you are the best:*


Something old,something new, something borrowed and something blue......

On 23 November 2010 we secretly went on a trip to Iceland
...and got MARRIED!!!
Very few people knew;)
It was really special and memorable♥♥♥and Iceland was amazing!
It was only us three there, Olivia, Mr.T and me:)
This summer we will have a wedding party so we can celebrate with friends and family also:)
(Ps: the dress was my mom's wedding dress and was made by my grandmother:)

Hope you all had a nice Christmas,
Happy new year!!