First Price and fun shoot!

The big news is: (this is why I could not sleep the other night, it was the award the next day..): I won first price in the category Newcomer at Utsnitt yesterday!!:) Hurray!! (It is a competition in commercial photography in Norway.)

Here are my pictures and the review: http://www.foto.no/cgi-bin/articles/articleView.cgi?articleId=41507

My good friend and fantastic photographer Arild Danielsen won Gold in Advertisement and Music : Congratulations Arild!!

Today I had a fashion shoot with stylist Ingvild Eiring, who is so talented and sweet!
Had models from Pholk model agency: Frida and Oda, they were a joy to work with:)
Will post some pics (but need to wait until it's published because of the rules.)
It went really well and I love the pictures!! Cant wait to see them published!

So this has been an incredible fun week, now I need some sleep:)

Good night!


Bonanza and me

Im biting my nails for tomorrow...First I just didn't think anything about it, and now I got this mail confirming something's up...Jesus...and now I can't sleep..I will either have some cool news by tomorrow night or..well, not, heeee!


Today's fashion shoot

Today I shot a fashion-story in a (very cold) attic, very much fun:)
Worked together with sweetie-pies: Oda, Guro and Renate
Will show pictures from it at a later point!


Regent park in the summer, miss it!!!

I went back to my hometown Horten this weekend for a birthday party, and I sat on the train 2 more hours than normal because of SNOW..
I wish for the spring to come now.
By the way something exiting has happend, I will tell more soon;)


*you do the dirty and I do the dancing*

Photo: Thomas Ekström (www.thomasekstrom.com)

Lots of concerts these days, it's Bylarm in Oslo this weekend ( a music festival with Scandinavian bands). Thomas works for the festival so I got a free pass to all of the gigs, hurray!!:)
Yesterday I saw Frida Hyvönen♥Great gig!


My friend and fantastic musician: Anette Askvik

Anette is playing this monday at Herr Nilsen in Oslo, come come!! Starts 8pm
The poster is made by Anja (www.anjadahle.com) and myself (www.stinepettersen.com)

Promotion-shot I did for Anette, she is so sweet:)
More pictures from this shoot will be posted on my web-page soon!

On the wall

Flowers, birds, kitch..I like!


Old shelf

This shelf has followed me around for some years, I made it in school when I was around 10 years old;)


Old picture from a fashion shoot I did in London last year.



Today: Slept long, went for a walk, ate taco and leftover cake, worked on my "Half there" project,and now some Beck.

cake and eyeliner

Friday Thomas came back from Palma, he had been away a week on photo-shoot, assisting Kimm (www.Kimm.no). We ate cake and I got a present from the airport:)



Big in Japan♥

This is such a great cover! Thank you Anja for introducing this song to me yesterday!;)

tired of winter..

Making a blanket, it takes for ever..just like this cold winter here in Norway..I have for the last 4 years been living in the UK, so it's kind of shock to re-discover the Nordic winter again...


Test shooting

Test shooting for upcomming fashion-spec, which is going to take place at the cabin.

◆mini winter holiday◆

I haven't done this in years!!

Egg and bacon is obligatory breakfast on a cottage holiday:)

My man by the fire♥

Felt so sorry for this little creature...


Bon voyage!

Got my photograph (for the Brygger Jacobsens portrait price competition) printed, mounted and safely packed from Fotophono today, and I was very pleased by how it turned out:) They put on a half- gloss coating and it looked very nice, gave it that little extra and it protects the print.
So now im posting it to Denmark, bon voyage!

Going up to our cabin for a couple of days with Thomas now, so see you Sunday!:)
Have a great weekend!!

Dress from Ruth66♥

Me today; dress from my favorite store in Oslo: www.ruth66.no
The bag ( £1) is from the super-duper-great marked in Maidstone (Uk) I miss it sooo much!!!
Homemade necklace.


I have been working 3 nights in a row (I have a part time job at a psychiatric ward). So im pretty tired now, I don't think its healthy to work to many night shifts..it messes with your head to stay up all night and sleep during the day..



I was tagged by my friend Maria (http://facesintheclouds.blogspot.com) to show my desk, so here it is: my home-office-desk:)


Brygger J.C. Jacobsens Portraitprize 2009

Jenny and The Sea
By: me

Im currently printing for Brygger Jacobsens Portrait Price in Denmark.
I was selected to the next round, in the end 60 will exhibit in a exhibition that will tour in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Norway.
Fingers crossed!!:)