Photo: by me
(a sneak peak from my not yet published fashion story "The morning after")
(This is not in the actuall series, but from the same shoot)

After a slow and quiet time things are looking good:

♥Upcoming solo exhibition!!: Me and Anja B. Dahle are having an exhibition together this fall:)
Title of the exhibition: "Work in progress"
Vernissage: 23 October 2009
Gallery: KHK , Oslo (www.khkoslo.no)

♥Thomas and I are exhibiting at Preus Museum (Horten) August 16'th (Fotografiets dag 2009)

♥My series "Jenny and The Sea" was shown at the New York Photo festival earlier this month:)

And also my new web-page will be up and running with new work sooon (hopefully within this week or the next!)



Werner Herzog♥

Saw this wonderful film today (at a outdoors cinema- beautiful!), really great experience, you should see it!! Werner If you ever read this: I love you!



Bergen ♥ Oslo

Thank you Marit for a really great weekend!
Will post more pics from Bergen later, it was such a nice trip:)
Im working on a new web-page these days, doing some promotion work for Anette, and thinking about something very exiting that me and my friend and fellow artist Anja (www.anjadahle.com) most likely will do in the very near future together...it is very exiting and I can't waiiiit:D (will tell you more when it's official!)



Gemma Booth♥

♥lovely work♥

Interesting campaign!

Kampanjen til Australian Childhood Foundation, laget av JWT i Melbourne.
Hentet fra www.onionmag.no/blogg/