real love!

I have started a new project, a portrait-series.
Using film again, and ooooooh Im so in love!! Mr.Hassie I have missed you...alot!!
I never want to work with anything else ever again! Can't believe I left you for so long:(


Sunday rolls♡


add a little color and voilà!

I painted the shelf (inspired by www.lykkeoglykkeliten.blogspot.com/ in the newest issue of 1-2-3 interior magazine) Happy about the result:)

God helg:)

Some pics from our living room. Have a great weekend:*


cReative fridaY

I ♡ making stuff and so does my friend and partner in crime Anja (www.anjadahle.blogspot.com), together we have a little project going but it is still fresh so I will tell you more about this soon;)


♡mmmmmMarmor mmmuffins♡med kreeem

I like to bake...a little to much these days...;P


17 vs. 27

10 weeks since I posted the first picture..!


Time to make some space..
I have to much stuff I know...but ahhh I just can't through away/give away/sell certain dresses or bags..too much love involved...!!


My weekend: lying flat watching dvd's and crocheting..
Being pregnant can drive you a little crazy some days, worrying about everything, not knowing what is normal and what is not..so happy that you cry in one moment and the next terrified that something is not the way it should be. Guess it's this way for every one the first time;P



I can't be without my sketchbook, I have for the last 5 years used sketchbooks to sort my ideas. I think it's time for a new project...:D


Thank you Emma,Elsa and Kimm( http://elsaemily.blogspot.com/)for the sweet plant we got on thursday!:)
Saturday morning+åpent bakeri=♡


100 days left&muffin-cravings

100 days left today..

I have serious cravings for chocolate muffins...


foto fra fin blogg: http://gunhipswollenlip.blogspot.com/


some more kitch(en)

26 weeks

Ultrasound today, everything was fine with Olivia (if that is in fact her name, we shall see;)
She is getting stronger and is mostly awake when her mother wants to relax or sleep;)


God morgen!

Our Kitchen, a christmas present for myself from Finland: Marimekko cup, a grapefruit on our kitchen table, my breakfast. My plan for today: work on some crocheting projects for me and Anja's future online store♡♡, pack my bag for London trip this weekend:D


25 weeks

Me 25 weeks today, some crocheting and a blanket I have made for the 'baby with no name'.
Name-suggestions are most welcome!;)

Julie Pike




Ph: www.booooooom.com


DIY inspiration


Inspiration for new DIY projects:)