First Price and fun shoot!

The big news is: (this is why I could not sleep the other night, it was the award the next day..): I won first price in the category Newcomer at Utsnitt yesterday!!:) Hurray!! (It is a competition in commercial photography in Norway.)

Here are my pictures and the review: http://www.foto.no/cgi-bin/articles/articleView.cgi?articleId=41507

My good friend and fantastic photographer Arild Danielsen won Gold in Advertisement and Music : Congratulations Arild!!

Today I had a fashion shoot with stylist Ingvild Eiring, who is so talented and sweet!
Had models from Pholk model agency: Frida and Oda, they were a joy to work with:)
Will post some pics (but need to wait until it's published because of the rules.)
It went really well and I love the pictures!! Cant wait to see them published!

So this has been an incredible fun week, now I need some sleep:)

Good night!


  1. åååå .. Gratulerer Stine!! Så utrolig bra, og så gøy! Kjempe glad på dine vegne :)

  2. Tusen takk Anita!!:D Det var veldig morro:)

  3. Så stas! Anita tipset meg om bloggen. I like:)

  4. Hei Dyveke!:) Så morro at du liker bloggzn min:)Er så artig med komentarer:D