Monday blues

Thomas and I went location hunting this weekend, really nice weather, welcome spring!!:D

Today has not been a very productive day, been in front of the computer almost all day but haven't really done very much productive there either..Some days are like that I guess..;)
Did some retouching on a series (which has no name yet) for an exhibition Im applying to take part in this summer, sent some e-mails, talked to some much missed girlfriends on the phone, made salmon and had Anja over for tea and evening-food (how do u translate kveldsmat??)


  1. Hey! Vi har samme ildfaste fat! Eg har opptil fleire i den serien faktisk. Begynne å merke at eg har arva mamma si trang til å kjøpe alt mulig av servise, sjølv om eg strengt tatt ikkje treng det. Kor ofte brukar ein eigentleg kaffiservise for 12 når ein bur åleine?

  2. kanske "evening-snack" ? :)
    jag gör sådär jämt, sätter mig framför datorn några timmar och får INGET gjort:/