Been a long time!

Big things have happened in my life lately, Im gona be a mom in late April!!
Im 4 months pregnant, thats why I have not been bloggin very much lately;)

So for the moment Im taking a little break:)

Just finished me and Anja's Exhibition "Work in Progress":

And did a job for a architecture-firm here in Oslo (MMW Sivilarkitekter) recently.
Thomas and I were asked to do a collaboration for this magazine they are presenting their work in for an exhibition in Paris this December. We were asked to do a fashion story in a Gallery they had designed/built (T for the architecture part, and me for fashion) It turned out really great, will post pictures when the magazine comes out in December!

Coming up (after my little break;) is a shoot for the wonderful magazine "Personae" here in Oslo, looking forwards to that, tell you more after the shoot.

I will in this coming weeks blog about other things than photography, simply because for the moment my life consist of 1.food;D he-he, 2.interior-fun and 3.knitting/crochet projects:D


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