*18 weeks inside vs 10 months outside*

Olivia is 10 months today!
In this picture I was 18 weeks pregnant and had just started to sort of realize I was going to be a mom!
It feels like only yesterday, but at the same time so very very far away..The learning curve has been massive!


  1. your expressıon on the photo says very much what you also say below :) Must be a wonderful time to realize such a thing...

    + I really enjoy your blog very much, thank you for that!

    cheers, Jana

  2. Congrats! being a mummy is awesome.

  3. Beautiful. Love your dress and the trolly full of baby things. It is such a wonderful time 10months. Hope the nights are getting easier for you. Lou x

  4. Sprøtt hovr mye som skjer på 10 mnd! Nå har hun blitt en liten jente som elsker en blinkende pingvin og leopardbukser. Og som kan krabbe og rope kjempehøyt bare på gøy!

  5. Congratulations!
    It's amazing how time passes and what happens in such a short time really. My Olivia soon turns 9 months - I can't believe she's soon been 'outside' as long as she was 'inside'!

    By the way, our Olivias do not only share their names, but apparently also toys. My Olivia also got the three Fisherprice blocks (and loves them!) and the eco bunny, duck + cuddle sheep! :)
    - Katrine Ny:

  6. thank you for nice comments!:)
    Katrine Ny: How funny it is that we have daughters with the same name at the same age and with the same toys;)