♥thank you♥

I had such a bad day today, lots of worries about work and stuff and suddenly:
Voila!!: Two beautiful surprise gifts from two beautiful blogger-girls!!
Thank you so much girls, you really made my day!!! I got beautiful fabric
and tea from sweet sweet Anna in Spain and beautiful paper from lovely Bjørke from Holland.
Im lost for words, what a super nice thing to do, Thank you♥


  1. Hey Stine!Hope you can do something beautiful and don't worry tomorrow is another day!

  2. bloggers pressies are always the best!

  3. Your welcome!
    It is so nice to receive surprise presents by post.
    With christmas I received a suprise present from my sweet blog friend Ingrid of Ing-things.blogspot.com ( vintage fabrics) and it was just on time to make me happy after a week of allmost no sleep with my little daughter Pleun. Have lots of fun with the paper and your lovely girl ( and husband afcourse).

  4. How wonderful - pressies rock. Chin up tomorrow is sunday best:)
    Just found your lovely blog, and it's great - I really adore it. I am your newest follower, and hope you'll come see me sometime, maybe you'll follow too:O)
    PS: I have a very dreamy post today - great for cheer me ups if you fancy: http://anyaadores.blogspot.com
    A xx

  5. What a lovely gifts. I believe that those packages always come on the right moment, when we need it the most.

  6. Thank you for comments and supporting words:)
    Anna: Im sure I will find something very nice to make from that lovely fabric:)
    Anya: Hi and welcome:):) I will check out your blog:)
    Hermine: True true!

  7. Beautiful paper and how lovely to get surprise pressie, just when you need it. Blogland is magical like that!