•Wedding Party Inspiration•

Photos from: lillymaria, J.Crew,Pretty Chic Blog

As you may know Mr.T and I got married in November (if you are a new reader you can find some photos from the day here).
This Summer we are having a Wedding Party. We are planning the party now, and I have found so much inspiration on net!
We are really looking forwards to this day, and figuring out how we want it to be is great fun!
(Well I have to admit It might be that I find it a tad more fun than Mr.T, hehe! But yesterday he came up with a great idea too
so he must find it a little bit fun at least;P) If you know any nice wedding-blogs, please let me know:)


  1. It's not a wedding blog but this post on Artemis and Nao's wedding is lovely http://www.junkaholique.com/p/our-wedding.html

    Enjoy your planning! My wedding planning almost drove me insane but thats probably because we were in London and planning our wedding in Norway!

  2. Good for you, I hope you'll enjoy the process!
    For inspiration:
    http://www.oncewed.com/, http://www.wedfully.com/
    Happy spring!

    p.s. I can make you some beautiful garlands;-)

  3. Ingeborg (søstera til Karoline H.)14 March 2011 at 19:16

    Just had to share this one: http://www.scobeyphotography.com/blog/

    Wedding photographers based in Atlanta, Georgia. Gorgeous photos, and you can get lots of great ideas from different weddings!


  4. I like the dress!!
    Were did you find it..??

  5. congratulations on the wedding!!! i recommend this one: http://www.100layercake.com/blog/

  6. I like this one: http://brollop.grahnat.se/
    And congratulations!! :)

  7. I wish I was the one to plan a wedding again. It's so much fun! When we married I found a lot of inspiration looking at these blogs: http://www.100layercake.com/blog/
    Have fun!

  8. Sylemepretty er en vedlig bra bryllupsblogg :) Mange overdåde brylluper der, men også mange kule, hjemmesnekra fester med masse sjarm og kreative løsninger. Du hadde vært kjempefin i ida sjøsteds brudekjole:

  9. Ooooh, that dress is gorgeous! Although not specifically a wedding blog www.ourblogoflove.com has loads of photos of some really unique and inspiring weddings. Good luck with the planning! x

  10. Lisa: Thank you! I can imagine the stress;)
    Ninocka: Thanlk you, and happy spring to you too:) And yes, your garlands are beautiful!! Will contact you if we want to order some:):)
    Ingeborg: Heisann:) Så koselig at du kommenterer her:) Takk for tips!
    Janneke: I love it too:) But I think it's outsold:( I found it here:http:lillymaria.blogg.se
    Anna: Thank you:)
    PernilleE: Thank you, what a great site!! and oh I loved her blog as well!!
    Anonymus: Tusen takk for tips, og den kjolen var helt fantastisk!!!
    Pomme-pomme: Thank you:)

  11. http://www.stylemepretty.com/
    my favourite one. Enjoy :)

  12. Hey Stine,

    I don't know any wedding blogs, but maybe your interested in this page: http://www.greenweddingguide.com.au/

    also I read in a magazine about Invitationcards from handmade paper with incorporated flower seeds. What a nice idea! So your guests can plant the invitation and watch the beauty grow :)

    You can either make them yourself, instructions (in german, maybe google translator can help, but there's also a video) here: http://www.hausgemacht.tv/haus-garten/garten/2288,27,wie-bastle-ich-eine-karte-mit-blumensamen.html?node_id=27
    or buy from here: http://www.perfectday-online.de/product_info.php?info=p34_Bluehendes-Papier.html&belboon=

    cheers to you and your family!
    Jana elilos.blogspot.com

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