Nytt stœsj

Sometimes all you need is a new ring and a bracelet;)
Today we went to a flea-market, will show you our finds tomorrow!
Hope you are enjoying your weekend♥


  1. Oh happiness is a new piece of jewellery. I have just recently bought a ring like that... large & turquoise blue. I might post about it this week so you can see.... happy weekend Stine! Lou x

  2. pretty colours

  3. That bracelet is so pretty! Excited to see the rest of your finds!

  4. Beautiful ring !

    (so sad that the necklace I send you was broken. Thanks for you lovely letter, I'm so happy with it)

  5. for what I've seen..you have a nice collection of rings!

  6. I've got the same ring in red. Don't usually wear rings but could not let that one be. Congrats on the great flea market finds!

  7. Wauw meget smukt armbånd:-) Og virkelig fin blog du har... Jeg må klart være follower med det samme:-)

  8. That is pretty much the best flea market find ever! Love Hasbeens. Wear mine all the time. Wish I had found them at a flea market though!!!

  9. Allis i Eventyrland : takk, fant det på Bianco av alle steder:)
    Lou @ Littlegreenshed: I would love to see you new ring, as you may have noticed I like rings....;P
    Hermine: Yes, I know it was sad, it looked so beautiful also..:)
    Anna: I think you might be right..I have a thing for them I admit;P
    Fru Schou: Takk, så hyggelig å høre!! Har du en blog?
    Rebekka Seale: I just discovered your blog and I really like it!! Thanks for commenting so I found you:)