"Ein bißchen Frieden"

Olivia has now slept the night through in her own bedroom for the first time!
I was afraid that I would not be able to sleep, but the opposite happened!
We all slept very very well:D Hope it will continue this way!


  1. Oh fabulous! You must be doing something right, to sleep through the night must mean she is a content and happy baby... that's down to you being a great mum! lou x

  2. Dere er heldige............
    Hehe. Som du kanskje forstår så har ikke jeg slik luksus.

  3. Lou: I wish she slept all night, but not yet. We have just moved her into her own room, and no milk during night.
    Janne: som du ser har ikke vi det sånn her heller, hehe ble litt dårlig formulering I dette innlegget ser jeg;)