Photo: from my days at art college;P

I have to rephrase what I wrote in the last post: she did not sleep through the night-she slept the night in her own room, not ours.
She has been sleeping in our room until yesterday.
She woke up a couple of times, cried but then luckily fell asleep again!
I feel the need to write this so that you don't think we are this supernatural family, and that everything is perfect..
Because it's really not:P We have our battles we as other people, and Olivia often does not want to sleep, eat, bathe etc just like other babies.
And our apartment is for the moment filled with unfolded clothes, dishes, toys everywhere and dust in every corner.
And Im wearing old outworn tights,a big not very flattering sweater and my hair is greasy.
There, that's reality.
Thumbs up for being human:D


  1. haha- I love this post! So many bloggers display their life as 'perfect' when obviously everyone has their ups and downs!

  2. Dejligt indlæg :) Tak for det!

    Kh. Mirjam

  3. Ah, my house/hair much the same! It's hard work! Wonderful, but hard. My Bertie will be one in two weeks, and he still wakes every one to two hours through the night for breast feeds! Nightmare! I hope she settles in her room and continues to sleep better. Thanks also for your nice comments about my print. Have a nice evening :-)

  4. Very funny!
    I can relate to that!
    Have a great year!

  5. Haha, så bra å lesa at andre også har det sånn:-D

  6. aha!
    i can really relate to this post.
    my daughter is 9 weeks old today and i am happy if i get dressed by two in the afternoon!
    and if the flat gets cleaned, it's nearly a miracle day!
    your photo is wonderful and captures a part of my life right now.
    wishing you and your little family a very happy 2011!
    and hopefully many peaceful days and nights.

  7. Haha, that sounds totally like us!
    I made porridge for Olivia at 9 pm this morning - the bowl with the left-overs is still at the table by now and it's 11.30. The kitchen is a mess with dishes all over, like you I'm wearing ugly tights right now, there's a big bag of unfolded clothes in the bedroom and Olivia's little toys are all over the place...
    That's just the way it is nowadays, I guess.
    - Katrine.

  8. Thanks for this post! I've been blogging for a year and a half and I have to admit that I'm a bit sick of this "my life is perfect, my kids have all the best designer clothes and toys, bla, bla," attitude... makes me cringe.
    Hurray for being human!

  9. this pic is awesome!!

  10. Vi er dine nye læsere, så nu har du snart 200:) Sikke en fin blog du har!


  11. Jeg kan trøste dig med, at min lejlighed også flyder med tøj og opvask! Det er bare menneskeligt at rode lidt og på et eller andet tidspunkt, så får man jo nok ;-) Fin blog du har!