Thank you all for your kind words and helping suggestions on my last post,
it really helps to hear others that have gone through the same thing:)
The sleeping situation has changed dramatically over the last days, Olivia started to crawl and after this she has been
in a brilliant mood and slept very very well:D Good for her, for us and for the neighbors;P


  1. that's so great to hear that she is crawling. she will really tire herself out now! :) i'm glad she's doing better at sleeping, what a relief that must be for you.

    in other news, olivia is so adorable!

  2. funny, cause just yesterday i read that some babys are especially cranky or weird before they reach another step in their development. they said, that babys are often a little afraid of the changes going on in their bodies. maybe that was the reason in your case aswell. so, when things start to get all exhausting again, look forward to what she learns to do next ;-)

  3. Hihi.. Så flink. Onkel Are og tante Ragnhild er imponerte. :) Flinke Olivia.