Sun+cold=no blog

Hi! Had a little blog break there, a mix of very nice weather and a little sickness in the house made me a little less keen on blogging;P
And the opening of the new shop has not yet happened, ohlala now I have to get things done, I'll say!! Hope you're all doing fine:*


  1. i know those blog breaks :) it`s ok. sometimes you need it.

    i love the pictures. the bed has an amazing colour.

    yours dani

  2. dina inlägg är alltid så trevliga å fina så jag väntar gärna :-)
    ha en fin dag!!

  3. Sorry to here you have been unwell. A big bowl of chicken noodle soup should help? (hope you arent a vegetarian... sorry if you are, then maybe miso soup!!). It's good to have a break from blogging every now and then... re-charge your batteries. Big hugs Lou x

  4. Dani: Thank you, yes the breaks are much needed sometimes:)
    Anna: Hello:):)
    Christina: Takk takk, nå ble jeg glad:)Ha en fin dag du og!
    Lou: Thank you Lou:) We have had a minor cold, nothing big luckily:) I love chicken noodle soup♥. Big hug back:)